Dienstag, 13. Januar 2015

Outgoing and incoming Mail :)

Yesterday I received a lovely package from a swap on Swap-Bot.
I already knew the person from the postcrossing forum :)
We have a lot of the same interests besides anime :D
Thank you very much for this great swap Solstice! ^__^

And here are some postcards I mailed out today for private swaps and tags on the postcrossing forum^^

This ATC is the I mentioned some days ago. It is for a Swap on Swap-bot 
(Ice-type Pokemon)

And since I finished preparing all the swaps currently active
I am happy I'm now hosting Dress up Pikachu!ATC #01 - Cosplaying Charizard !
If you like Pikachu and ATCs be sure to not miss this swap :D

Sonntag, 11. Januar 2015

Incoming January Mail :)

Happy New Year  :D

The year is already 2 weeks old~ Did you make any new year's resolution? I made the decision to declutter my room from unnecessary stuff and already gave away a lot of things or finally use things I just kept. In that rush I made some Xmas cards :P Obviously the stores are now putting Xmas stuff on sale so I bought some small 3D handmade stickers. But I don't want them to go unused (or lost until the next Xmas), so I just made two Xmas cards yesterday :P also because I guess I will be quite busy next Xmas with my bachelor thesis preparation. But I will be showing them in the next post ^^

Until them I'll show you some of the cards I received in the last two weeks:

The Hello Kitty New Years card I received from my japanese penpal but also 
from the Japan & OC RoundRobin. Both the Pokemon and the Rilakkuma
card are from the Mini Round Robin themed Anime/Cartoon :D It was a very nice surprise
to receive Pokemon New year card on time. ^___^
I received the sleeping fox and the Hobbit fan art card from a RoundRobin and the
Balota card from the official Postcrossing site. The Balota card shows some 

These are cards from Round Robins and one New Year Card from a postcard pal from Japan.
I'm a big fan of Heiji and Sherlock. Wait.. woah! Detective Conan's Heiji is on the same picture as Sherlock Holmes, isn't that great Conan :P? (Though I bet he'd be happier if it was him.. haha xD)
For those who don't know Detective Conan: He's a High School detective who turned into a kid and solves mysteries. And! He's a big big fan of Sherlock Holmes! What a great coincidence ^-^

I'll be quite busy until the end of February, because I need to prepare and 
write two longer essays for classes ;__;
So I guess I will not be sending too many postcards until then, but I'm planning to host an ATC swap on 
swap-bot with the following theme: Dress up Pikachu! ATC- Pikachu cosplaying Charizard
I actually hope to turn it into a series if it is popular enough ^^
It is inspired by the newly opened Pokemon center store in Ikebukuro. On the opening weekend they sold a limited edition Pikachu cosplaying Charizard ^__^ It's sooo cute! But because I don't live there I couldn't get anything with this theme so I thought about hosting this swap^^
I'll be praparing to host this swap when I finished preparing the swap I currently take part in (and also the presentation I'm going to hold at the end of next week >__<).
It will be my first time hosting a swap and hopefully a good time to relax 
during a stressful time of writing ^__^