Donnerstag, 5. Februar 2015

Happy Mail Day ^__^

I actually wanted to wait till the weekend to post again, but today I was very excited when I opened the mail box to find 5 postcards and a swap from swap-bot :D

These are the cards I received and swap I received today:
Isn't the Pokemon starter and the Dedenne card totally cute^__^?
They are from a private swap I sent the children's book illustration postcards to. ^_^
The New Year's card is from my postcard pal and the Doraemon card is 
from a RR on postcrossing and the one next to it is from the official site from a
member from Netherlands. ^__^

And this was inside the swap envelope:
The Hajimaron is a card protector sleeve in which the ATC was in :D
It's the first card in the series "Dress up Pikachu!" Cosplaying Pickachu which I host on swap-bot.^^
There was actually also an origami samurai hat but I didn't notice it when I took the photo ^^'

Yesterday I also received the swap to the Ghibli ATC swap :D

Dienstag, 3. Februar 2015

Art by Kagaya ♥

Today I received two great cards from a RoundRobin from the postcrossing forum. Check them out:

The colors on the postcard are really outrageously stunning in my opinion :D

I went through my received card and found out that I haven't posted these ones:
I received them through RR or tags on the forum :D
I'm really happy about the card of Dr. Watson from the SHERLOCK series^__^
Martin Freeman is definitely one of my favorite actors^__^

And today I sent out 2 postcards for swap and for my postcard pal:

There's still some swaps I'm going to send out this week so stay tuned :D

Montag, 2. Februar 2015

Sent and Received ♥

Hello my dear readers ^__^ The last two weeks I was quite a bit sick so I wasn't really in the mood to edit photos of the received cards. But now I am getting better ^__^

So I'm gonna show some of the cards I received in the past :)

This is a swap I received from Swap-Bot. It was a Robot ATC swap :)
She used a pretty cool address stamp (around the bird - that's why I had to edit that out ;)  ^__^

Both cards were part of a RR swap on the postcrossing forum (from different members)
Aren't they cute? ^__^

And these are some swaps I sent out :D

The robot ATC I created for the swap on swap-bot :)

And this is for the ABCs of Ghibli - Letter "K" ATC swap.
Because of postage and lack of time I won't be participating for the other letter ATCs
(except a private swap I arranged with someone).

These are some postcards I have sent last week. The lali card with cows is for the Mew card I received and the other card by Helme Heine is for the same person I'm doing a private swap with :)

I'll be posting more stuff soon as I sort through my received mail.^__^