Mittwoch, 22. April 2015

Incoming mail ^__^

The last two weeks were a bit busy with finishing papers and uni starting again^^

Some of the letters/swaps I received: 

I swapped Pokemon ATCs with an indonesion friend from postcrossing forum ^__^
They are sooooo cute <3
The Pikachu on the back is a food package postcard :D
I started collecting food package postcards with cute characters so this one fits right in ^__^

I participated in the Offers&Request RR and received these cool cards from Detective Conan :D

The one on the left is from the Japan - Other countries Tag. The Japanese are usually very 
fast tagged so I am only able to tag once or twice a year. I especially love the soft pastel colors :)
I think it's made with water colors.
The postcard in the middle is from my postcard pal from Japan. Do you recognize Mr. Fuji.
I love calling Mount Fuji Mister Fuji as he's called Fuji-san in Japanese and san could
 also mean  Mister or Miss. :D
The card on the right is from a Lithuanian friend :D The cat is sooo cute, right? Right :D

And here's a letter and postcard from my new penpal from Japan. ^^
She has a german boyfriend so she also learns german and mixes 
some german sentences with english sentences^^
I was looking for one who enjoys art so I was happy to start a new friendship with her.

And I also received a letter from a penpal in Japan I already write to for about a year and a half^^
I was very surprised when I read some German sentences in the beginning :D

And this is a reply from an america penpal I met through the penpal RR ^^

I also send some replies to my penpal pals:
The postcard is from the Manga 31 I Dream by Arina Tanemura, I like the story so far so I wanted to share something about it ^^ I read in her swap-bot profile that she likes Chai teas so I sent one to try. :)
As she likes cats I send her a roller friend. It is something to roll cables on e.g.ear phone cables^^.

I'll be sending my replies very soon :D

Samstag, 4. April 2015

Incoming ^o^//

Recently I'm slowing a bit down with swaps and tags from postcrossing 
and swap-bot to focus on my studies but also on my penpal letters and sending some happy mail to my former classmates ^__^ (but I'll still do some swaps & tags from time to time ^__^)

Last Saturday I received a lovely little package from a japanese postcrossing member, who I tagged for letter paper, memo sheets, washi, sticker flakes and Pokemon postcard and joined a RoundRobin group (for another Pokemon postcard^^). 
She used some cool Doraemon stamps ^^

A while ago I hosted a Pokemon ATC swap on swap-bot and received these three lovely Pokemon:
Plusle, Cyndaquil and Cubone

And I also received a very lovely package from my penpal in the U.K.
The envelopes have very fun colors and design and I really enjoyed reading her letter ^__^
You can see her blog here