Dienstag, 30. Dezember 2014

[Received] and [Sent]

Long time no see ^__^
Just wanted to wish you guys a great switch of years^^
These are the cards I received either November or December but had 
not yet the chance to upload them^^ 
Two of them are from my postcard pal from Japan ^^
The others are from tags or Round Robins from the postcrossing forum.

I also received some great cards from SantaClaus :D
(I've written him a letter and received these cards with his reply ;) )

This is not a postcard but an ATC I received with a swap
on swap-bot :) I'll show the one I made when she received it^^

I received these cards and Pokemon stickers from sylphis :D
Two more cards are hidden on the back of the Snoopy and Hello Kitty card ^^
We send each other Thank you cards, so this is her reply^__^

This is an envelope with a letter I sent to a friend I get to know in Japan but now 
moved back to her hometown^^

Have a great start into the New Year!

Montag, 22. Dezember 2014

.: Mail Art :.

Just wanted to share this video about mail art with you guys:
I think it is a very cool and inspirational video! 
I just love listening to people talking passionately about
things they enjoy doing :) I'm sure I've already watched it a dozen of times 
while doing mail art or cleaning my room^^
It made me instantly do some mail art for friends I haven't met for a while.
I will be posting some of them before the year ends :D

Please visit the site making mail to send them feedback or connect with the artist's in the video^^

Samstag, 20. Dezember 2014

[Received] A letter and postcards from swaps, tags, RR

Hi guys :D

It's been a busy month ^__^ I cleaned out two of my closets to look behind them if there's any mold. Luckily there's none. There's a nice side effect to it: I found a lot of stuff I was looking for :P (and sorted out the clothes I don't wear anymore to give away^^)

So here's a new update with some of the recently received postcards and letters:

This card came from a manga/anime fanclub member. Detective Conan is one of my all time favorite anime/manga series, so I was very happy to receive it. She also used a really cool DC stamp: Kaito Kid!

The Pokémon card is from a private swap with a japanese postcrossing member^^ She used really cute stamps and Pokémon washi tape :D Pokémon is another one of my all time favorite anime/game ^o^//
The upper card is from my postcard penpal :) He's from Japan but lives in Germany.
The other card is from a random user from Taiwan received from the official postcrossing page^^

Those are some cards I received from RR I joined/hosted :D
I'm so happy to be able to trade such cool cards ^__^

This is a letter from my penpal from Hokkaido, Japan.
We have been pals for a bit longer than a year :) 
This time she send me some cute note paper, a memo, 
a pen (hidden in the brown envelope :P) and also 
japanese mayonaise to try ^__^

I have received some more postcards, but am a bit lazy to photograph and edit them :P
Next time I'll post the rest I've received in this year :D

Mittwoch, 3. Dezember 2014

[Received] Private Swaps, RR and officials :D

I received wonderful in the last 2 weeks! :D I think I'm in a winter craze for postcards :P

These are cards from the official Postcrossing project:

This card is from a Portoguese teacher.
Thank you so much for your encouraging words :)
He asked me why I use a Hyena as a profile picture on 
the official site, but I forgot to answer in the Hurray message.
So here's my answer:
I went sightseeing together with a friend in Ôsaka and Kyôto,
and we also found a cute Hyena which I took a photograph of :)
I just think Hyenas are cute animals ^__^ 

I received this beautiful traditional art card from a chinese member.
Thank you very much!

This card is from a member from Belarus.
She also sent a ticket from the train :D

Postcards received from private swaps or tags
This is from a postcrosser from New Zealand :) 
Even though I'm not much of a LOTR fan I really like the
Hobbit movie!
Thanks for swapping eevee01!

I received this cute Snoopy card from snow drop through a RR :)
She told me a bit about the character stores in Japan ^__^
I think she used wonderful stamps and well.. stamps :D
I like stamps and stamped images so receiving a card with 
a Snoopy stamp, a Snoopy stamped image and a lovely message
made me really happy ^__^

This is from a Malaysian postcrosser.
I tagged her in the I offer Tag.
I think Malaysia has very beautiful nature ^__^

I'll be showing more cards soon :P