Dienstag, 31. März 2015

Outgoing Mail~

While I was going through my swaps I found some plain brown envelopes
I recycled to make Air Mail tags

One of them I used on this postcard for a RoundRobin on Postcrossing ^__^

And here's another one of the snail mail envelopes I made out of the
Manga pamphlet^__^

I also send out some birthday mail a week ago^__^
She is a member of the Anime and Manga club on the postcrossing forum
I found it more and more fun to decorate postcards and envelopes ^^

I wonder.. how do YOU keep track of friends' birthdays^^?
I'm happy one of the forum's members created a thread in which everyone could post their birthdate :D

Donnerstag, 26. März 2015

Outgoing Mail~

Last week while buying a birthday present for my brother I saw a manga preview 
(advertising) pamphlet and I used most of it for decorating my outgoing mail:

I was amazed by the adorable pictures that I didn't get read all the advertisement 
for new manga but.. oh well, I sure had fun doing the envelopes xD
I'll be uploading the other envelopes when I mail them out ^__^

Also I mailed out a swap to a Postcrossing member ^^ 

Sonntag, 22. März 2015

Gorgeous incoming mail :D

This week's been a very happy mail week ^__^

In the postcrossing anime subforum I won a lottery held by honzuki ^__^
She send me the three cool anime cards on the laft side inside the envelope with very
beautiful year of the goat stamps. Thank you honzuki!! 
The alice card on the right side is from the Offers &Request RR on the same forum. It is designed by the japanese digital artist Shuu ^__^

I also received an introduction letter from a new penpal from the Penpal RR. 
I'll be writing her back soon ^__^

I received this cute letter from a japanese penpal :D
The stickers are from the anime Youkai Watch^__^

And these two postcards are from my postcard pal in Germany :D

A while ago I sent out a greeting card to a japanese postcrossing member who I became friends with^^
She loves the German soccer team Schalke so I send her two postcards of the team members 
along with the greeting card.

And I received a lovely reply from her together with some anime ad cards :D
I especially like the magician on the left and the two girls on the third card^^
And look at the lovely decorated back of the envelope <3
Choooo~ kawaiii ^___^ (Very cute!)

Did you have a happy mail week too^^?

Freitag, 20. März 2015

Mini Sticker Haul :D

This week I've found some super cute stickers to use 
for my mail and diary ^__^

And I bought a magazine just because I like the stickers :P

What is your favorite way to pretty up your mail/diary^^?

Dienstag, 17. März 2015

Outgoing mail February and early march ^__^

Hi there ^__^

I recently haven't uploaded any photos of my outgoing mail so here come most of the mail I've sent in February and early March ^__^

This was a private swap with someone from the postcrossing forum ( I received the Pokemon movie postcard and Pokemon by Shinzi Katoh). The Krtek card is a RAS from me ^__^

I hosted a swap on swap-bot and these are the little guys I sent out ^__^
The Murakami card is an extra as I still had some on stock and my swap partner likes Murakami (the same as me ^o^//) 

I made a private swap (Ghibli ABC ATC swap) and sent this out :)

I sent these two swaps out for Pokmon Gijinka swap :D
It was a lot of fun turning the Pokemon human ^__^

Do you do ATCs? What is your favorite way of doing them?

Freitag, 13. März 2015

Penpal letters


This month I participated in a penpal RR and this is the first letter I sent to my partner ^__^

I'm quite surprised at how fast it arrived ^__^

I already received a lovely reply from her <3 It was very exciting to read ^__^ 
And I've already written a reply to her and sending it on monday^o^//
The dog illustration by artist Makoto Muramatsu is send by another postcrossing member ^__^

I'll be doing a seperate post dedicated to all the outgoing mail mostly with ATC swaps as not all of them arrived yet ^__^ 

Mittwoch, 11. März 2015

surprise mail ♥

Hi there ^__^
Today I received a lovely letter from a friend currently living in Japan :)
It is a very encouraging letter and I'm really thankful to receive it <3
Right now it is difficult for me to motivate myself so this letter came just in time ^__^

To protect privacy I won't be showing the photo or
 name on the back of it (just in case someone reading this knows japanese^^)

I received some other awesome mail from a new penpal and some other swaps. I'll be showing them the next time. Just wanted to share this happy moment with you today ^__^

Dienstag, 10. März 2015

Received Pokemon Postcards and ATCs :D

This and last month I did some swaps on swap-bot and postcrossing ^__^

I traded some Inkognito cards with magenta from the postcrossing forum. 
In return I received these cool Pokemon postcards :D
Latios and Latias are my absolute favorite legendary Pokemon so I'm really happy to be able to swap for them ^__^ The other Pokemon card is made by Shinzi Katoh.  
He's a japanese artist and I really love his simple style art :)
Here's a bigger picture of the card:
Isn't the female Pikachu carrying his letter, just simply adorable^^?
Looks like a love letter, doesn't it ;)

And I'm hosting a series of wish Pokemon ATCs and these are the little cuties I received.
They are sooooooo cute! I love love love these ^__^
The stamp fits cutely to the Dedenne ATC, don't you think? 

Do you do any ATCs? What is your favorite topic and medium for ATCs?

Freitag, 6. März 2015

Incoming Easter Mail :D

It's been a while since I last posted any updates because I was busy writing a 15-page paper for classes >__<  I still have another paper left but it's not as much as this one ^^'

So.. today I received two lovely Easter themed mail :D

I hosted another "Dress up Pikachu!" swap at swap-bot and these 
are the ones I received ^__^
The theme was St. Patricks & Eastern Holidays.
I'm not a Christian but I find St. Patricks Holiday very interesting
and Eastern Holidays has always been a part of my life 
(not the religious side of it, but I was looking for Eastern eggs in my childhood :D)

I sent a selfmade postcard to the EasternBunny and received a reply!
The reply included two postcards and a letter.
Also! Isn't the rabbit stamp a really cute one? :D
It's Felix the Rabbit who sends letters to his family while 
travelling around the world :D

I have received some more letters and will be uploading them soon^^