Dienstag, 31. März 2015

Outgoing Mail~

While I was going through my swaps I found some plain brown envelopes
I recycled to make Air Mail tags

One of them I used on this postcard for a RoundRobin on Postcrossing ^__^

And here's another one of the snail mail envelopes I made out of the
Manga pamphlet^__^

I also send out some birthday mail a week ago^__^
She is a member of the Anime and Manga club on the postcrossing forum
I found it more and more fun to decorate postcards and envelopes ^^

I wonder.. how do YOU keep track of friends' birthdays^^?
I'm happy one of the forum's members created a thread in which everyone could post their birthdate :D


  1. Wow such cool envelopes and postcards <3
    I need a better system to keep track of birthdays, putting it on the calender is no good as I need to post in advance, and then I need to figure out how far in advance depending on the Country.

    1. Thanks <3 ^__^
      I agree, it's sometimes a bit difficult figuring out how many days/weeks it takes to its destination^^°