Freitag, 26. Februar 2016

Spring is coming! (at least in the mail;) )

how are you all? :D

This month I got some mt washi tapes as a gift so 
I couldn't help but use them for my mail art :D
The magenta colored thin tape is not from a japanese brand and doesn't stick too well,
so I didn't really use much of it.
But I really really like the sakura styled ones :D
Super cute~ <3
So even though it just snowed a few days ago I felt like doing something spring themed^^

Found some clear and rubber stamps that went missing a long time ago~, 
while I was renovating my bed room
I did buy some new stamps in the beginning of the month and the cat and snoopy were part of it :)

I'm not sure where I got it from but heard that making the number of 
elements uneven makes the cluster more harmonious.
And I know, I've been saying that I don't want to really decorate notebooks, but I decided I'd go ahead and do one book with all the field trips and special days (so not a daily activity). I usually
procrastinate if it's something I want to do daily but occasionally decorate some pages is relatively stressfree, I think.^^
So I've called this chapter positive vibes as I've noticed that I mostly write about worries and negative experience. But I've read somewhere (can't really recall where..) that rereading and remembering positive experiences makes you happier than you can imagine, The memories fade with the time so writing about them will definetely help :) Especially when having bad times it may become difficult to remember that there have been really good times. So yeah~ that's the idea behind this :)

I've got some ideas for using kawaii mini memos, can't wait to show you all ^^

Dienstag, 23. Februar 2016

~Use It Or Lose It~

I've noticed I have too many craft supplies. Wait! What am I saying? Really? One can never have enough of them right ! ^^ No, seriously I have heaps of stickers and cut-outs and masking tape samples. But somehow never get to use them as I buy new ones. Also I don't have enough space to sotre them all if it just grows :P So I'm challenging myself to only use what I have and make purchases only seasonally if I don't already have too many of them: spring, easter, summer, fall, halloween, winter, xmas. So that's less than a month - I think I can handle that^^ I hope~

So... how am I gonna use them up? By crafting of course! And I will be sharing some of the creations with you on this blog :D

So stay tuned as I will be posting my first ideas soonish :)

Samstag, 20. Februar 2016

New Beginnings~

Hi~ hello~How are you all? So it's been pretty silent the past year. As I do write and receive a lot of letters, postcards and swaps I couldn't really catch up with uploading images and all so I decided I will be posting incoming and outcoming mail in my instagram account:

I will be using this blog to occasionally post about new mail (art) ideas and wips :) I hope you'll enjoy them :)

So stay tuned and check back from time to time :)