Dienstag, 23. Februar 2016

~Use It Or Lose It~

I've noticed I have too many craft supplies. Wait! What am I saying? Really? One can never have enough of them right ! ^^ No, seriously I have heaps of stickers and cut-outs and masking tape samples. But somehow never get to use them as I buy new ones. Also I don't have enough space to sotre them all if it just grows :P So I'm challenging myself to only use what I have and make purchases only seasonally if I don't already have too many of them: spring, easter, summer, fall, halloween, winter, xmas. So that's less than a month - I think I can handle that^^ I hope~

So... how am I gonna use them up? By crafting of course! And I will be sharing some of the creations with you on this blog :D

So stay tuned as I will be posting my first ideas soonish :)

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